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CAFE Infused Fine Dining Toronto

Cannabis-infused fine dining is an exciting new concept, and we at CAFE are proud to be one of the first in Canada to present these experiences to our clients. This year, we partnered with acclaimed Chef Travis Petersen, aka The Nomad Cook, for a series of elegant culinary events that featured multi-course meals infused with our premium cannabis. The response from our fans and clients has been overwhelmingly positive!

Tickets sold out quickly, and guests were delighted by the infused dinner offering expertly prepared by The Nomad Cook and his team of top chefs. Each infused dinner party plating is precisely dosed based on the preferences of each guest, for the ultimate enjoyable experience.


April 23, 2022

We are in the midst of preparing for our next SENSES dinner featuring Chefs Erica & Josh Karbelnik – a husband and wife duo that has taken Canada’s culinary stage by storm. Both have competed on Top Chef Canada, with Erica winning the title in the summer of 2021. Shortly after this huge win, the Karbelniks teamed up with Chef Travis Petersen, aka The Nomad Cook, and CAFE to take part in our SENSES Supper Series.

The Karbelniks are passionate about cooking, and are huge fans of cannabis. We are beyond excited to work with them for our upcoming SENSES infused dinner party in Toronto.

To sign up for this upcoming series of dinners, click below - seating is extremely limited so don’t wait too long!

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    CAFE presents the Ultimate Cannabis-Infused Fine Dining Experience. CAFE and The Nomad Cook are proud to present Senses - a series of exclusive, cannabis-infused dinners featuring multiple courses designed to tantalize your tastes, with the euphoric sensations only an artfully done infusion can bring. Since legalization in 2018, Petersen has been traveling North America hosting pop-ups dinners in major cities, with guests eager to participate and experience the blissful sensations that an excellent pairing of fine foods and cannabis can bring.

    The Nomad Chef

    Chef Travis Petersen, aka The Nomad Cook. Petersen specializes in pairing cannabis with gourmet meals, for a unique infused-dining experience. Working alongside Top Chef Canada Winner Erica Karbelnik, Top Chef Canada Finalist Josh Karbelnik and other chefs, Petersen hosted a Wake and Bake Brunch in Toronto, followed by a private dinner prepared with Scott Vivian of Beast.

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